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We have spent years developing what we feel are the best supplements available. We focused on what your body needs, and developed these products knowing that they can help you achieve your optimum health. Click on each product to see what it is best used for, why your body needs it, how it works, and the ingredients. Our range of Optimum Care products can help you.

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Our Optimum Care Product Range
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AdrenoCare is specifically formulated to help support the adrenal glands
ColoCare is a nutritional food formulated to supply specialized support to the digestive system
Laxicare is a specially formulated blend of herbs to assist with constipation
LivoCare is a specially formulated blend of herbs to assist with cleansing and supporting the liver
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Olive Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf extract can assist with cold or flu-like symptoms, enhance kidney function, assist the digestive tract, and relieve fever
OmegaCare is a flaxseed based omega 3 oil supplement to supply the essential fatty acids needs of the body
ThyoCare was designed to assist you with your day to day stress, help boost your energy levels, control weight changes and promote general health
Neurocare is a specially formulated blend of herbs, vitamins and amino acids to assist in relief of various issues from anxiety to stress
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MuscleCare is a post exercise recovery fuel and/or a protein meal replacement.
OsteoCare is specifically formulated to provide important nutrients that the skeletal system needs on a daily basis
Multicare is a plant based multivitamin and mineral formula to support optimal nutrition and to facilitate maximum nutrient absorption
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